Assisted Bookkeeping is perfect for business owners that have reached a point where they are thinking about hiring someone.  The business need is somewhere in between part-time and full-time, and hiring costs could include salary, benefits, and payroll taxes, plus the office space, training, management, and tools necessary to get the job done.  Before you commit to the cost and effort of hiring an in-house resource, consider working with a CPA bookkeeping service provider.

With our Assisted Bookkeeping solution you get professional part-time bookkeeping with full-time presence and CPA oversight.  We take on more of the day-to-day transaction processing so that you can easily access up-to-date financial information and make the best decisions for your business.

We customize solutions to work best for you, but Assisted Bookkeeping typically includes the following:

  • Record all bills and make all vendor payments

  • Record all transactions (sales, purchases, receipts, and payments)

  • Reconcile accounts (bank, credit card)

  • Prepare B&O tax return

  • Management reports (financial statements)